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Escort Service For College Fraternity

Escort Service For College Fraternity

In college, fraternities often offer status as a currency. They also provide access to booze and sex. But status alone probably doesn’t explain why fraternities are increasing in popularity.

An 18-year-old black student at SIUE said he needs police escorts to navigate campus because of racist harassment from members of Kappa Sigma. He said the fraternity taunted him with slurs and called him names.

Sex Lives of College Girls

During the first two seasons of the HBO Max series Sex Lives of College Girls, we followed four roommates from different worlds—Whitney (a star athlete with a repressed sex life), Leighton (a legacy student), Kimberly (a fish-out-of-water poor girl) and Bela (a first-generation Indian-American with a very full sex life)—through their freshman year at elite east coast college Essex. There was drama, a few hookups and plenty of laughs along the way.

The Gen Z comedy has been renewed for a third season that will see the girls enter their sophomore year. But, there is one big change to the cast: Broadway star Renee Rapp will leave the show.

The actress, who plays wealthy legacy student Leighton, will appear in a few episodes of the third season as a recurring character before departing the series. She was a major presence throughout the second season, and her departure will surely be felt.

Season 2 Episode 6

The first season of SLOCG ended with Kimberly stealing copies of previous exams from her friend Nico’s fraternity and getting caught, losing her scholarship in the process. Gavin Leatherwood’s decision to not return for Season 2 fueled speculation of how the show would handle the issue—and now we know.

Throughout the episodes, the girls struggle to balance their relationships with boys and academics, as Leighton rushes a sorority, Whitney struggles with her biochem class, and Bela puts down her co-founders of a feminist literary magazine and slaps an ex-girlfriend.

Bela’s casual fling with Catullan editor Eric continues to pique her interest, but she’s determined to make him jealous. To that end, she introduces a new man to their group to help pull off a fundraiser for Theta. He just so happens to be Spencer Neville.

Theta Fraternity Fundraiser

Theta Chi is proud to partner with the United Service Organizations (USO). USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country, throughout their active duty service. Theta Chi chapters compete each school year on both funds raised and service hours in support of the USO.

Bela, Leighton, and Kimberly host a fundraiser at Wings N’ Things to raise money for the USO and show Essex that they can still have good parties with frat boys. They need to keep Theta in their good graces so they can get back to partying and receive lap dances.

A large water oak tree fell through the roof of Theta Xi’s house in Louisiana during Hurricane Laura, damaging all contents. The members of the fraternity are collecting donations to help with their rebuilding efforts and have reached over $2,000. The house can’t accept any more donations because they are at maximum capacity.

Leighton and Sara

In season two, Leighton has transformed from the closeted and aloof girl we saw in season one to a confident, dedicated friend. She has even gotten into the swing of dating girls who she meets on apps and in person.

Sara feels pressure to join a sorority, which has become an expectation among girls at Essex. She also gets a crush on one of the boys at the Theta frat party she attends with her suitemates. However, she refuses to let that ruin her relationship with her best friends.

Bela and Leighton brainstorm a sexy fundraiser to get the Theta back on Theta’s good side and into frat parties. Meanwhile, Kimberly tries to find a cosigner for her loan from Hennessey and gets in a tiff with Canaan over her relationship with Ryan.

Willow and Whitney

Whitney joins the all-female soccer team, where she clashes with teammates Jena and Dalton. Whitney later discovers that Coach Dalton is cheating on his wife, and she tries to keep this secret from her mother (U.S. Senator Sherri Shepherd). She confides in her friend Willow and asks her to help her lie to her mom.

Whitney is surprised when her crush Canaan tells her he is interested in her. She tries to convince herself she isn’t jealous of his attention to Zoe, but then overhears him telling a friend that he isn’t into her.

Leighton and Alicia talk about their relationship. She is hesitant to go through with the fundraiser, but she is pressured by Ryan and Bela. She ultimately decides to do it, and she finds a way to cover her expenses by borrowing money from her father. During the event, she runs into Evangeline.

Eric and Bela

After Bela memorably gave out handjobs to get a spot at the sexist comedy magazine The Catullan, she becomes ruthless in her attempts to further her career. Bela is invited to be a liaison for visiting comedian Dan O’Connell and hopes to impress him enough to land an internship with the magazine. That means giving him sex in his hotel room.

Meanwhile, a new girl named Zoe begins working with Canaan at Sips. Whitney gets jealous of their steamy connection. Later, Kimberly reveals to the girls that she got a job writing closed captions for an Australian reality show and wants to borrow the money from Lila.

The girls convince Dean Miller to let them throw a sex-positive strip show that also raises money for climate change. The girls get a little help from Jackson, who tells his tragic story as a climate refugee to sell the event. Bela goes to Eric for advice and they end up hooking up.